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Get the most out of your sessions – a journaling tool for therapy clients.


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Therapy should not last forever.

Take charge of your therapy process and progress so you can stop struggling and start living the life you want as quickly as possible.

This practical, adaptable workbook and journal, designed by a seasoned psychotherapist, will become your therapy companion, helping you prepare for your sessions, discover key areas to work on between sessions, and build new positive skills, saving you time and money.

This workbook differs from other journals because it gets to the heart of what makes therapy successful:

  • Brief preparation before sessions
  • Support for developing new skills in between sessions
  • Inspiring self-reflection prompts increased growth and self-awareness
  • Exclusive “Growing Edge” exercises to add new calming strategies to your skill set
  • Ready to share with your therapist and can be adapted to any type of therapy

What people are saying…

“As a therapist, I want my clients to make the most of their therapy sessions and to integrate and practice the lessons and skills they learn in sessions in their lives outside of therapy. This companion journal does precisely that!

It has pages where clients can prepare for sessions and think about topics they want to discuss. It offers space for clients to write down notes. It also provides space for them to reflect on what they worked on in between sessions, including what they’ve tried and learned. The book has enough space for clients to write, draw, and jot down ideas without feeling boxed in by tiny spaces and too few lines.

I love the supplemental activities and exercises, including transforming negative self-views and leading with your best self. I will recommend this companion journal to my clients when they start their therapy journey. If you’re willing to invest in yourself by doing therapy, buy this book to help you make the most of your journey. Thank you, Toni, for creating this beautiful and thoughtful journal.”

– Sylvia DeMott, MSW, LICSW, Author of “Show Up For Yourself”

“This is a caring and thoughtful workbook…The central message of this workbook is revealed on the back cover: “You are in charge of you.”

This is one of those precious resources that can be used to live as the captain of one’s own ship, with the outlook of an Overcomer and Thriver. This makes it easier to ‘set sail’ for one’s best possible life.

“Reflections: A Therapy Companion” is a meaningful adjunct not just to therapy, but a contribution to the fields of personal growth and wellness.”

– Linda B., Self-Development Trainer

 “As a therapist, over the years, I have found that one of the biggest determinants of positive outcomes, and certainly the STRENGTH of positive outcomes, is the level of engagement and commitment to the process on the part of the client.

This book will help the client get the most out of therapy by keeping at it between sessions. It’s broken down into exercises to do and journaling pages with questions to consider. The author has been very eclectic in her approach so many different therapeutic modalities are represented in the exercises and the questions. I was happy to see not only items that reflected a cognitive behavioral approach, but also things like a Mandala-coloring exercise. (In fact, I’m going to do that one!) Every offering comes from evidence-based approaches, as far as I can tell, the text is understandable, and the exercises are very doable. Highly recommended.”

– Don Rhoades, Therapist and Musician

“This journal is a tool for life. Not only does it help organize my thoughts, feelings, and intentions, but it also equips me with knowledge on how to prepare myself for change and a healthier future. As a busy mom of four, I’m grateful for this resource. Reading the first five pages, I felt like I sat through a therapy session. So much wisdom was poured out into these pages. I highly recommend this journal.”

– Jessika A., New Mom

“I only just started using it, but I’m glad I found this journal. I feel like I never know what to talk about with my therapist and never know what I’m supposed to do after a session. It’s a really good reminder to think about what I want to change and how I want to do that. It has a nice layout, and the instructions and suggestions were super helpful, too.”

– Ashley, Student

About the Author

ToniToni Teixeira, LCSW

My first poem at age nine, exploring grief and loss after my father’s death, hooked me on writing and destined me to become a psychotherapist.

In my telehealth private practice, Strong at the Core Counseling, I help the people I work with change their own narratives so they can heal from trauma, grief, depression, and anxiety. With deep respect and care, I collaborate with my clients on using emotional regulation techniques so they can live authentically from the heart and create connections in their relationships.

I wrote Reflections: A Therapy Companion to encourage clients to take charge of their therapy experience, track their progress, learn new skills, and get the most out of their therapy sessions.

I am passionate about self-care and mental health and can be seen in Newsweek, Authority Magazine, The Messenger, and other publications. I hold a Master of Social Work from New York University, a Master’s in Psychology from Hunter College, and a Bachelor’s in Psychology from Brooklyn College.

I am a seasoned therapist with experience working across a broad population, have taught college Psychology courses, and am a former Sexual Assault Response Coordinator for the US Navy. I enjoy running, hiking, and yoga. I live with my techie husband and have five spirited young adult children, a cat-chasing dog named Tucker, and a cat named Finn, who pretty much runs the show.