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Individual Therapy

417043777Self-doubt makes Naomi* feel powerless.

Naomi has a great job and is well-respected in her field. She is the go-to person at work and makes critical decisions. But no matter how many people acknowledge her career, she still can’t shake the self-doubt.

She stays busy while trying to quiet her “you’re not good enough” voice.

It feels like she is always on edge, ready to explode. Sometimes to get her point across, she even raises her voice and later feels guilty. She tells herself, “I wonder how soon before everyone sees how messed up I am?”

She fears admitting that she thinks everyone she loves will abandon her. The sense of isolation is overwhelming; inside, she can feel the panic – like hanging on by a thread.

Learn to thrive rather than survive through individual therapy.

You have gotten used to feeling anxious and overwhelmed, like Naomi. You are amazed when you find moments of relaxation. And they worry you! You have used the best strategies you know to get through the day, but those strategies exhaust you.

Everything must be just so with you because you must control everything, including keeping your house tidy. But the downside is that all this control means you also control or hide your emotions.

Worry and sadness are feelings you hide beneath the surface. Unfortunately, you hide other feelings as well.

There is hope. You don’t have to continue being in the painful position of building resentment that comes out of controlling everything and constantly people-pleasing.

2029976672Individual therapy helped Naomi feel empowered.

Naomi started therapy and finally felt she was in charge of her life. She can see situations from different perspectives and discovered she could help the inner critic ease up.

Now, she does not have to sacrifice the quality of her work.

She is more present in her relationships and not as defensive. She’s more trusting of herself these days, which has helped her take some chances at work and in her relationships that she would not have taken before.

Naomi found peace, and so can you!

Individual therapy provided Naomi a safe place to expose those inner emotions that keep her doubting her accomplishments and self-worth.

Together, we will identify ways to increase feelings of safety in your body and create emotional and cognitive flexibility so that you can feel empowered to make authentic choices.

Let’s work together to empower you to create your dream life. I am ready to walk beside you on your journey.

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*Name and story are composite narratives that do not reflect an actual client.