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    Therapy for Therapists

    As a therapist you already value the importance of therapy. But, if you are like me you struggle at times to find time to focus on your own self-care, because doing your own work means it’s one less hour of helping someone else. Whether you work with me or with someone else, let me remind you about the value of your own therapeutic work and sharpening your own inner wisdom.

    Healing the Healer

    I have worked with many therapists through the years and have found it to be so rewarding to not only watch therapists heal old wounds themselves, but to also watch them discover how their own work transforms their work with others.

    I take a holistic approach and you will have the opportunity to explore different modalities that work for you. You will have the opportunity to go deep and learn strategies that will help you access the part of self that is calm, curious and compassionate. Cultivating this part will also serve you as a therapist.

    Do This For You

    I look forward to working with you and helping you with your process. The work we will do together is for you. It is not clinical supervision, although I also offer supervision, it is just for you. Click on the contact button below to request an appointment so that we can talk about your unique needs.