Therapy for Therapists

1150971305Healers hurt, too.

You know you can do good work as a therapist, but you are starting to feel somewhat distanced from your work, clients, and yourself.

Things aren’t the same. Recently, you are starting to feel shut down and disconnected, and you have noticed some irritability with some clients.

Dragging yourself into work and dreading the day, you start noticing missing details about your sessions when writing your notes.

Even your relationship with your partner feels a little flat.

Doubt starts to creep in.

Suddenly, you are having an extra glass of wine on the weekend and eating more than usual.

As a therapist, you thought you found your calling. You could be your authentic self in this field, but it no longer feels like that.

Now, you find yourself second-guessing your clinical skills and decisions.

The sense of shame is steadily increasing. You are nearly ready to quit, as you find yourself wondering, “How can this be happening when I am a therapist?”

559619431Healers also need healing.

You are not immune from struggling with feelings just because you are a therapist. Doing the work of profoundly listening and deeply feeling while working with your clients can be very triggering.

You thought you did all the necessary work on your trauma, but it is not if trauma from your past will appear. It’s when, and dealing with it is an ongoing process.

I firmly believe that creating meaning from past trauma helps therapists improve their work.

Therefore, I will help you deepen your skills as a therapist while also helping you care for your hurt and vulnerable parts so you can bring your best self to your work.

Showing up requires authenticity.

Getting triggered by your clients is not your fault. You need to learn skills they didn’t teach in grad school to access your inner resources to stay present and respond instead of react.

We will work together to listen to your authentic voice and cultivate your intuition in your work.

Understanding how your body reacts to the past will also help you increase your confidence.

Let’s work together to help you so that you can show up to help others.

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