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Clinical Supervision and Consulting

1673456578Clinical Supervision for New Social Workers

Graduate school is in the rearview mirror, and you are proud of your accomplishments. But now the real work begins.

You will make choices as a therapist, honing your craft, helping clients, and learning everything possible. Although you are doing exactly what you always wanted to do, you are starting to feel overwhelmed.

The demands of the agency where you work are increasing, and you sense that your onsite supervisor cannot keep up with her workload, let alone provide you with any substantial guidance.

It can begin to feel uncomfortable sharing your imperfections and vulnerabilities with your supervisor because she is ultimately in charge of your future.

Without being your authentic self, how do you learn and grow?

Learning and growing requires openness on your part and guidance on the part of your supervisor.

This question is why I started working with new social workers. Clinical supervision outside your agency can help you improve your skills and stay grounded.

I have helped other new therapists like you learn new skills, process the work, and become better therapists who can go into deep work with clients while remaining authentic.

It is essential to stay grounded and learn how to navigate your inner world while you help clients navigate theirs without getting swept away or burnt out.

699442555Clinical Consulting for Therapists

As a practicing therapist, you have a handle on things and know that you are good at your job. But you also understand that to stay on your game, you might sometimes need help from another expert not directly associated with your practice.

Another voice and perspective can sharpen your skills and help you make better clinical decisions. It is a wise choice, and I have professionally benefitted from consulting with colleagues through the years.

We will work together to ensure you see all sides and get the necessary tools to work on those most complex cases.

I am also a Board Certified TeleMental Health Provider doing online teletherapy for about eight years. I can help you if you are trying to figure out how to make that modality work for you. Many therapists feel that working online limits their work with clients. I don’t believe that is true. Working online in a virtual setting can offer unique opportunities for the therapist-client relationship, and we can talk about how that can improve your work with your clients.

The right supervision and consulting can make a difference.

I am here if you are a new social worker looking for a supervisor who will allow you to be authentic.

Good supervision is necessary for someone starting their career, and I strive to establish a professional relationship that allows us to address all challenges you face. Let’s discuss if we can work together to build your confidence as you seek independent licensing.

Part of being an effective therapist requires a willingness to seek advice and learn from other professionals in your field. Working online is a great way to discuss cases and address challenges that arise. Reach out to discuss how we can work together on an ongoing or case-by-case basis to keep you centered in your practice.

I am ready to help with Clinical Supervision and Consulting. Please get in touch with me at (908) 214-7166.