Counseling for Anxiety

1762387040Having patience is not your strong point.

But now, there is a jumpy-on-edge-heart-racy vibe on many more days than before. Your anxiety seems to be getting worse.

Each day, you barrel through a never-ending list of tasks – and the to-do list keeps accumulating. The nagging worry that you won’t get everything done keeps spiraling in your mind, creating a sense of gloom and doom. The voice of your anxiety repeats, “There is a lot at stake here, and big things are about to go wrong. You can’t handle it.”

At this point, your life seems to be in a free fall – with no bottom in sight.

The weight of the world is on your shoulders.

If you don’t take care of all these things, who will? All you want to do is make everything perfect and safe. You can’t escape the frustration rising in your chest and the churning in your mind.

There has been a price to pay. Carrying around the anxiety, worries, and fears is costing you dearly.

Constant worry and stress are bad for your health. Avoiding the doctor won’t lower your blood pressure.

The anxiety you feel is starting to harm your relationships. Your spouse seems to interact with you less and less. When was the last time you did something fun for the both of you?

The kids are not getting any younger, and you are so scared they will grow up and remember you as only angry and frustrated. Anxiety is taking away your peace of mind and enjoyment of life.

1835861716The time is now to take control – over anxiety.

Anxiety does not have to run your life, ruin your health, or destroy your relationships. The way you feel is not your fault. You are human, and in the face of not having control, some human brains and bodies worry more than others.

Together, we can uncover how your body uses worries and fears to protect itself. With kindness and care, I will teach you skills to regulate your body so you can look at situations in a new, less frightening way.

We will take advantage of your strengths and harness them to help you develop ways to deal with triggering situations that make you anxious.

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