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About Therapy with Me

2319841649Is therapy worth it?

I don’t know what episode it’s from, but one of my favorite Leslie Knope quotes from Parks & Rec is, “Sometimes you have to make the hardest climb to see the most beautiful sunrise.”

Therapy is an investment in you and your future self. If you are here, you probably figured out that you can’t afford to continue feeling miserable.

You won’t be alone.

So, I won’t sugarcoat it and tell you therapy will be a breeze. I can promise that I will be with you every step of the way. Through it all, I will share my presence in a gentle, caring, and encouraging way.

You are welcome just the way you are, and together, we will work to tune into your wise heart for the answers you need.

The road to healing is right inside of you. Isn’t that thrilling to know?

Together, we will greet the parts that helped you get through the tough times and those that are hurting and need to receive treatment with kindness. I treat the whole person: Mind, Body, and Spirit.

About Img 2Let’s get curious.

In this world of disruption and disconnection, you will feel seen, valued, and heard. Our work together will be a safe place for you to connect to yourself so that you can connect to the people you love.

Sometimes, we will talk about thoughts and feelings, and sometimes we will focus on how different thoughts and feelings might activate sensations in your body.

You will learn to be a detective, seeking the cues that can quickly upset you and discovering new ways to respond to “what’s happening on the inside,” something you might hear me say occasionally.

We might talk about the past, but chances are we will focus on what will help you in the here and now.

About Me

AboutIn a way, I’m a failure.

Being a therapist was not my first choice. I was a Ph.D. dropout, thought I couldn’t hack it, and beat myself up. So, I know a little about feeling disconnected. But I don’t regret “failing” because out of that experience, I discovered “deep listening” was my superpower.

That discovery led me to my career as a therapist. I obtained my degree, a Masters in Social Work from New York University, many years ago and began to work.

Very soon, I realized all the people I was working with had one thing in common: Trauma. So, my mission became to learn as much as possible about trauma to support my clients’ healing. Along the way, I also gained experience treating people with depression, anxiety, grief, and loss.

Passion and heart guide my professional and private life.

I am a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional with training in somatic interventions, like the Emotional Freedom Technique and Internal Family Systems.

I stay informed and ethically centered and am a life-long learner. Since practicing online therapy, I felt I needed to hold myself to the highest standards and worked to become a Board Certified TeleMental Health provider.

I am passionate about writing and teaching about self-care, especially for therapists and health care professionals.

And since I think it is essential for me to practice what I talk about, I make time for my self-care, which involves running, hiking, ballroom dancing, and trying out new vegan recipes.

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