Healing from Trauma

488227783Trauma changes everything.

Even though you no longer think about what happened to you 24/7, you know it’s there and has profoundly changed your life.

Trauma has left a deep wound; you can sense it in the unexpected tears, mistrust, disappointments, and distance you keep between yourself and others.

You desperately want to get closer to people but can’t find a way.

You are not your trauma.

You hate it when you hear, “Trauma makes you stronger.” No, it doesn’t. It makes you suffer. But you did your best to survive. You protected yourself as best you could and made yourself stronger.

The traumatic events in the past are part of you and your story; however, those events don’t define you.

Although you have done your best to deal with the pain, you see now that you may not have made the healthiest of choices. Now, you desperately want things to be different.

Trauma might have shaped you and your behavior, but you can learn new ways to relate to yourself and other people in your life.

1510165124There is a way to transform the past.

Seeking help is a big step to take. This step starts a journey that will allow you to climb out of the well where trauma has you trapped. The best news is that you are making this decision on your own.

YOU ARE BRAVE. I want to acknowledge you for that. Dealing with trauma can be scary, but gentle ways exist to enter this healing space. With patience, kindness, and deep respect for all you did to survive, I will help you navigate the healing process without reliving the trauma.

I welcome you to share as much or as little as you need to about your past. However, our work will keep us mindfully in the present and working with what is happening in the “here and now” so you can make the best choices for yourself and shape the future you want. You will experience a transformation through the process, allowing you to thrive and not simply survive.

I would love to discuss how we can work together on your healing journey. Call me at (908) 214-7166 right now to schedule a free consultation.