Anxiety and Depression are Tearing you Apart

Break Free with a Revolutionary Approach to Therapy

Somatically Integrated Therapy Online Throughout New Jersey

The pressure is overwhelming.

Some days, your heart is racing before you even get out of bed in the morning.

It always feels like there’s a lot at stake, and you’re barely surviving the day.

It’s exhausting.

It takes so much energy to keep the worry and sadness below the surface.

You just want to feel “normal,” whatever that means.

You are tired of exploding at your family and then feeling so bad about it.

It can’t be good for your marriage or the kids.

Well-meaning friends just piss you off when they tell you to try “more self-care.”

It’s time for a solution that works.

I offer compassionate therapy that’s profoundly attuned to your needs.

In our sessions, I’ll help you rewire your nervous system for safety and calm.

We use somatic coping techniques like breath work and EFT that help bring you back to the present.

Using AEDP processes, we’ll use your bodily sensations to allow your nervous system to process old wounds and rebalance.

You deserve to thrive.

Through our work together, you’ll learn simple and effective self-soothing tools to help you integrate and use these tools when you need them.

Therapy with me is a non-judgmental space for you to tap into your heart and inner wisdom.

Feel more confident and in control no matter what life throws at you.

Find the peace and calm you deserve.

You don’t have to struggle alone any longer.

Give yourself the support you need to heal.

Your new life starts today.

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