Your Divorce Feels Like a Crushing Blow

Divorce isn’t the End. It’s your chance for a New Beginning.

Divorce Recovery Therapy Online throughout New Jersey

You never imagined your life turning out like this.

“This wasn’t supposed to happen!” keeps running through your head.

In the beginning, you were both so in love that it felt like nothing could touch you.

But in the last few years, you barely recognize the couple you used to be.

It is hard even to leave the house because you see happy couples everywhere.

The decisions about your future feel overwhelming.

Starting your life over feels daunting, and you’re unsure who to talk to.

You’re so used to being a partner you’ve forgotten what being alone is like.

Your kids are getting drawn into the middle. (No matter how hard you try not to let that happen.)

Holding it all inside is exhausting because you’re so angry and disappointed.

Don’t go through divorce alone.

I consider myself to be a heart-centered therapist.

That’s why my practice is focused on helping people overcome the challenge of divorce using the most effective therapeutic techniques available.

First, I take a holistic approach using body-based somatic interventions to help calm and rebalance your nervous system.

Then, I’ll use internal family systems therapy to help you understand the unconscious narratives affecting you during this time.

Take control of your future.

You’ll learn simple coping tools, like EFT, to soothe your mind and body no matter what happens.

Our sessions are dedicated to your well-being and growth.

Therapy allows you a nurturing space of support to untangle the complicated emotions of separation and reconnect with who you are and the life you want.

Emerge from our process feeling more confident, grounded, and ready to enjoy the life you’ve always wanted.

Find your way forward with divorce recovery therapy.

I’ve seen people take years to find their way after a divorce.

It can be an extremely destabilizing event.

Let me help you find the clarity and courage you need.

Your new life starts today.

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