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  • What do you Value?

    don't just stand there
    What do you value the most? Think about the things you buy from the dollar store. Where do you put them? Are you really worried about that spatula breaking? Probably not. You don’t truly value those items and you don’t take care of them very well. You might misplace them or break them. And that’s ok. They are only a dollar and you can get another one.
    Now, how do you care for that special family heirloom? Do you have a special place for it? Would you leave it around just anywhere? Or think of something else you have a lot of pride in or that you value. To you that item is most valuable, but to someone else it is not. But because you value that possession you treat it like it is valuable and that probably ensures that the “value” will go up on that item. That possession just becomes more and more valuable to you because you treat it that way.
    Why don’t we treat ourselves with value right now? Think about it. We want to lose weight, eat better, exercise more but because we don’t value ourselves and love our selves now we treat ourselves like we are not worthy of the effort. No wonder exercising and taking care of ourselves is so hard. Why do we want to bother putting so much effort into taking care of something that we equate with a dollar store spatula!
    We think we aren’t worthy until we “get there.” You will never get there if you don’t value yourself right now. If you value yourself right now you will treat yourself like that prized possession and put the care and understanding in and cultivate yourself. When you think of yourself as the dollar store spatula you won’t even try. Spatulas are replaceable, but you are not. Value who you are, right now and it will all come together.
    So love yourself right now, right here, as you are. That is the key to getting where you want to go. Place value in yourself right now. Our hips are beautiful, they carried babies. Our thighs are thick, because they powerful and hold us up. See the value in it all. Make it an ally on this journey. In the end, not only will you value yourself, love yourself but you will get where you want to go. You will treat yourself better and see the value in taking care of yourself. You are a gift from God. You make him smile each day and if he values you, so should you.
    Journal Activity:
    The weekly blog talks about VALUE. Take some time to reflect on this topic. Answer these questions in your own personal journal. You are welcome to share your thoughts in the comments section below. I truly believe we can learn from one another.
    1. What do you value the most in yourself? In could be a characteristic, like “I love my eyes,” or a trait, like “I am kind.” Make a list. Don’t explain or try to negate any of them. Write them down and let them be. Review them when you start hearing negative thoughts in your head.
    2. What do you value the most in others? What have other people done for you that you find most valuable to have in your own life?
    If you are ready to work on valuing yourself and making yourself a priority in your life so that you can be there for others, contact me for a free consultation and learn how we can work together online or in-person. Just click on the link here: https://strongatthecore.com/appointment-request/

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