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  • The #1 Burning Question

    Thanksgiving is less than a week away! This is the time of year when our thoughts turn toward thankfulness and I am certainly thankful that you have taken some time to read this and share a moment with me. I am also thankful that I will be busy this week, but I am not sure when I will be getting my grocery shopping done for the holiday! You see, in my last newsletter I broke the news that my friend and colleague, Dr. Alyssa Guglielmo, and I were secretly creating a “never before seen” health and wellness program that would create major transformation in your health and in your life and there’s still a lot of work to be done. It is called the ALIGN Wellness Program. We have been inspired by holistic practices that bring mind, body and soul together and we knew we could create a program that addressed all these areas. Not to toot our own horn or anything, (yes, I am totally tooting our horn!), but, Dr. Alyssa is a skilled chiropractic practitioner and I am a certified personal trainer and have been a social worker for 20 years. So we are in the practice of helping people make incredible changes in their mind, body, soul and lives.
    I found on my personal journey that you cannot just make change, lasting change, by just focusing on one area of your life. Change happens in the connections we make within ourselves and with others. I know, for example, when I started adding exercise into my life years ago, I was not consistent with it at first. I had to learn how to align other areas of my life with my goals. That is when the magic happened and it can happen for you, too.
    We recently asked readers of our newsletter to help us understand more about their top questions about transforming their health and wellness. I tallied up the responses and found two major themes in those questions and I wanted to share them with you because they might be the questions you have, too. Thank you so much to those of you that answered. We got lots and lots of replies!
    The #1 BURNING QUESTION about health and wellness was how to reduce stress and/or overwhelm when trying to make changes. This is a hard topic because we want to make change, but the very idea of implementing those changes becomes stressful. And I have to tell you there is very little help out there for this topic. The gyms we join and the DVDs we buy don’t include any information how you really are going to deal with stress and overwhelm. This is probably the most important thing we are addressing in our ALIGN Wellness Program.  In fact, the reason we did the survey was find out if we were missing anything before we “launched” our ALIGN Wellness Program. And definitely, we were able to tweak a few things. So thank you for your help! But, we also found out that we were already covering this most important issue for all of you looking to make change.
    I know finding the time, money and energy to make changes can be a challenge, and that is why we are here for you. I hope you will continue to follow our free 3 part training series. I will definitely be covering the issue of stress and overwhelm and also your second biggest concern: How to make sense of nutrition information out there and how it relates to your particular needs. Thanks for joining us on this journey of better health and wellness. If you haven’t signed up for our learning series yet, click below to register for free and join the training.
    ALIGN Wellness Training
    We are looking forward to releasing the next part of our learning series in just a few days! We will answer your questions and comments in the community section of the training. Just scroll down and leave a comment.

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