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    Why book a consultation?

    It is a big decision to start therapy. Choosing the right therapist is an even bigger decision. You don’t want to leave it to chance. Trust me. I have personally had experiences with therapists that did not quite match what I needed. I also have had a few clients that I started to work with who were really looking for something else in the work.

    So take your time. Don’t rush. I encourage you to speak to therapists before you schedule a session. Ask them questions and of course tell them a little about yourself. You want to be sure you are a good match to work together, so hearing how the therapist responds to your concerns and your questions are very important. Don’t just ask if the therapist takes your insurance. If that is an important question you should ask, but you should ask a few more, too.

    Questions to ask

    If you can’t think of questions to ask, here are a few to help you get started.