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  • Effortless Meditation: lie down | an introduction to yoga nidra

    Please join me in welcoming Guest Blogger, Nikki Veliz. She is an expert in the field of yoga and joins us to share her important insights on  yoga.
    Meditation is easier when you lie down(Tweet that!)
    I was SO chronically sleep deprived the neurologist thought that I had had a stroke. I have a background in nursing so that scared the s**t out of me!
    Swami Satyananda Saraswati wasn’t a sleep-deprived mom but he gave us something to help us cope with sleep deprivation. And help us recover.

    Yoga nidra

    STOP! Yoga what?!
    Don’t be put off by the woo-woo sounding name!
    Wouldn’t you love a lie down right now?
    Then get up after 10-20 minutes feeling like you have had a mega-nap?!
    That’s yoga nidra.
    Seriously, you can’t do it wrong. You lie down. You listen to a recording. You get up. And you feel AMAZING.
    That’s yoga nidra.
    When you listen to yoga nidra (a specific type of guided meditation) your brain is super relaxed. Your brain is SO relaxed that your EEG (the test that shows electrical activity in your brain) shows that you are in a similar state to being asleep (Nilsson, 2013). NICE!
    That is AMAZING news for anyone that is sleep deprived, especially moms!
    Yoga nidra research from the Kennedy Institute, Copenhagen, shows that your brain is also functioning at a high level of concentration that is completely effortless (Nilsson, 2013).
    High level of concentration? Completely effortless? This is EPIC news!
    My stroke scare got me serious about tackling chronic sleep deprivation. I had maxed out. Two years of my daughter breastfeeding every two hours overnight.

    Yoga nidra became my top recovery tool

    More specifically Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra. Now doesn’t that sound um, divine???
    I adore Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra. And this version of yoga nidra was developed by Jennifer Reis from the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. 
    Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation that has the power to transform, heal & rejuvenate you. WOW.
    I use Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra to help me catch up on sleep. I can’t fit in an extra 3 hours sleep. So I lie down and listen to 20 minutes of Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra. It’s pretty much the same thing!
    I’m hooked on Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra.
    So when I heard Jennifer Reis would be coming to Australia to teach her Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra training, I was there. And now I can call myself a Divine Sleep Guide. Oooooo!
    If you are desperate for energy, need to de-stress, and want to be that fun person again, you’d give it a go wouldn’t you? It’s effortless meditation.
    Try my free 10 minute effortless meditation here.
    What is your biggest frustration with meditation?
    Let me know in the COMMENTS section.
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    Nikki Veliz suffered a stroke scare as a new mother due to chronic sleep deprivation at just 33. For the past two years, it has been Nikki’s mission to raise awareness among tired mamas that sleep deprivation can be dangerous and debilitating. With her background in nursing and other healing modalities, Nikki now shares her critical sleep deprivation remedies to help Tired Mamas become Thriving Mamas. Get your free copy of Nikki’s Survival Guide for Tired Mamas here: https://nikkiveliz.lpages.co/freeguide/
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